Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I Love My Husband

Tomorrow is mine and Brian's 3rd anniversary, so I figured it would start the blog off right to tell all the reasons why I love my man so much.

When we got married, I was a single mother with a 5 year old daughter. From day one I saw that Brian was willing and able to love Allie as his own. He never acted like she was a nuisance or burden whatsoever. He loved and accepted her completely as part of the package and immediately started calling her his. I'll never forget the day, about a week after we got married, that he told someone we met, "We have a daughter". WE. I knew then that I married the right man.

He just opened up his own company a few months ago. I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with his work ethic, his commitment, his integrity in every step of the process. He prays constantly and asks God for direction over even the "little things" in the business. He has made a commitment not to go into debt, and I KNOW he will stick to it. He makes SURE that we tithe every month, whether it "makes sense" or not. He gets up early and stays up late making sure that his customers are happy and that he gets his job done well. He really is a man of his word.

When I met Brian, he was the epitome of "bachelor". He had all sorts of hobbies, like kayaking, wakeboarding, and snowboarding, and plenty of time to spend on each hobby. Since we've been married, he has sacrificed nearly every Saturday that he could be on the river or the rapids and spent time with the family. And I don't get the feeling he minds. I thank God that I don't have to deal with what so many women do- the man finally being home on the weekend, then leaving again to go hunting or fishing or golfing or whatever. He balances work, play, and family life like a pro. I admire and applaud him for that.

There was a sermon recently at our church on what makes a man. There were certain Biblical qualifications of what makes a "real man", such as rejecting passivity, leading courageously, and humbly obeying the Lord. Brian didn't just pass the test; he passed with flying colors!!

I know he's not perfect. But I am blessed beyond measure for a man like him. I thank God for bringing me Brian Rodgers and I am committed to him for life.

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