Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coffee and Chocolate Anyone?

Speaking of food (read earlier blog "Julie and Julia"), I have had an idea for a party at my house for like two years. I really need to make it happen, but this is what I do. I talk about stuff forEVER before I actually do it. :)

You know how some people have a "wine and cheese" and everybody comes and tastes different wines and different cheeses? That all sounds nice enough, but if you've ever been to a wine and cheese, there's just an air of "too good for you" in the air. Well, more of an air of it than I like. I'm blue jeans, not black dress. Anyway, I've always thought that a waaaaaay more fun idea would be a Coffee and Chocolate. I have an espresso machine and a 60-cup perculator that I'm not afraid to use, so I could SO make it happen. Just imagine it. . . espressos in every flavor, hot and cold, with and without whipped cream, just like at a coffee shop. . . chocolate this and chocolate that, dark chocolate and milk chocolate, chocolate with caramel, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate from Germany, chocolate from Bavaria. . . does that not sound WONDERFUL?????
For the non-coffee drinkers, I could have water available. But for the non-chocolate eaters. . . well, just don't come if you don't plan to eat chocolate.

Do I have any takers????

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